What are the most popular anime series in the world?

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In the same way that series with real humans are continually being created, so is the case with anime. It’s part of why the list of anime series grows and increases daily. New anime shows are added and some quickly become a hit. With so many anime shows available how can a person know which ones are the best? The compilation below contains not only the greatest, but also the most popular anime series in the entire world.

Dragon Ball Z – 1989 to 1996: The Dragon Ball Z animated series is one of the most popular ever. That includes in the USA, Japan and all over the world. While some may have gripes with the way Dragon Ball Z plays out sometimes, it is still tops.

Death Note – 2006 to 2007: Even though this animated series only lasted one year, it still managed to be among the most popular. Over 97% of users who view the show like it which is remarkable. The adventures are epic with plots that are captivating. Plus, with characters being three dimensional, they appear to be more realistic than others.

Attack On Titan – 2013 to Present: This anime series is still running so no one will know where it will end up in the future. However, with over 96 percent of people loving this anime series, it is set to be a classic. The stories behind the series are part of what help make it so well-liked by anime fans.

One Piece – 1999 to Present: The One Piece anime series may turn out to be one of the longest running ever. Their unique stories, alluring artwork and array of characters have catapulted this series to the top. Most viewers give the show positive feedback as well.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 2009 to 2010: The premise behind this computer animated series has kept legions of fans adoring it. Although it only lasted one season, it was enough to make most who watch it fall in love with the characters and story lines.

In addition to these animated series, others very popular ones worth mentioning are Naruto, Sword Art Online, Gintama, Fairy Tail and Naruto Shippuden.

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